Atlantic Salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula

One of my personal highlights for the past ten years is the anticipation of fishing the rugged North Coast of the Kola Peninsula of Russia for big chrome-bright, tough Atlantic salmon.  Through the generosity of Mr. Peter Power, who oversees the 1.3 million acres that make up the Atlantic Salmon Reserve, I and a very few lucky (and hardy) anglers have had the opportunity to fish in the opening weeks on some of the wildest, most undisturbed, pristine, and productive Atlantic Salmon rivers left in the world.

Since Peter took over the operation in 1999, he has established the premier destination Atlantic Salmon fishery in the world. (That is, if you are primarily interested in quality fish). Would you believe four rivers hosting runs of multiple-sea wintered fish that run through the short arctic summer months. You almost can guarantee a hook up with a 20 lb monster, have a real chance at one in the 30’s, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be one of the 6 or so lucky anglers a year to land a fish over 40 lbs.

My favorite time of the year is in the beginning of the season - don’t even know if the fish are coming, ice-out was only a week or two ago. A winter steelheaders dream: tough hiking, high water, gnarly wading, always windy, cold, and those long casts over and over again.  Why?  A 30 bar of chrome silver with long tail sea lice taking you down through a 1/3 mile long class 4-5 rapid to the sea pool...  yeah, that’s why!

Although not cheap, it IS a trip of a life-time.  For more information contact the Atlantic Salmon Reserve HERE