Spey To Z


About Spey to Z

Topher Browne had a great concept.  Cut through all the marketing B%$^ S#@*# and make an instructional fly casting video that would be “it”, that is the ultimate bottom line instructional film. He enlisted Greg Pearson, who then got me involved.  Over 18 months, we sweated a carefully crafted script, putting all of our years of combined experience in teaching fly casting into one work.

From the very start, we had wanted to break with tradition and make our film a non-profit venture, with proceeds going to charitable and conservation causes. Topher, Greg, and I began to enlist industry support for the project, and with the help of banner sponsors 3M/Scientific Anglers, Scott Fly Rods, and Simms, we were ready to get things going.

I had previously worked with Jeff Pill, the talented director behind “The Art of Spey Casting”, and together we started putting together a production team, which included Hollywood and Discovery Channel pros behind the cameras and microphones.

We filmed on location in Central Oregon, on the famed Deschutes River.

In September, 2006, Spey to Z was released to critical acclaim.  (You can read what our colleagues and the media think here).

My teaching style – which is to make things as simple as possible – is reflected in the approach we took to the DVD.  Give it a spin if you get the chance – all the proceeds go to great causes and organizations.

So far we’ve raised over $6000 for organizations like the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Native Fish Society and Casting for Recovery.

Skagit Stylehttp://web.mac.com/speycaster/iWeb/SpeytoZ/Skagit%20Double%20Spey_Med%20Res.html
Scandinavian Stylehttp://web.mac.com/speycaster/iWeb/SpeytoZ/Topher%20Change%20Direct_Med%20Res.html


Single-hand Speyhttp://web.mac.com/speycaster/iWeb/SpeytoZ/Single%20Hand%20Spey%20Casts_Med%20Res.html