Nitty Gritty


I am available for fly-casting lessons (private or semi-private) with single-handed or two handed fly rods. Most of my teaching is done on weekends, here in Bellingham, WA. For those of you flying in from out of Washington State, Bellingham is a 90 minute drive North from Seattle’s SeaTac Airport, or you can fly into Bellingham directly.

On the water lessons are best while learning a two-hander, and I also run combined on the water casting and fishing lessons during the winter and spring steelhead seasons on the Skagit River.

In the later Summer and Fall, I’ll also do lessons on the Deschutes River in North Central Oregon, although the wind there can make learning difficult.

Instruction Rates:

Private half-day: $375

Private full day: $700

Semi-private half-day (per person): $300

Semi-Private full-day (per person): $500

Guiding: I am available on a limited basis for catch and release steelhead, pacific salmon, and dolly-varden fly fishing in the late Autumn through the mid Spring, either with walk in trips to the Sauk River, or Jet Boat trips on the Skagit River.

Guiding Rates:

Full day private: $500

Full day group (up to three for jet boat trips): $275 pp

I am also available for casting demonstrations and slide shows for fly fishing shops, clubs, shows, and other events.  I typically will do up to two 30-45 minute demonstrations (conditions permitting) or 60 minute slide shows and answer questions and work with attendees on their casting.

Demonstration Topics:

- Understanding what makes a cast tick so you can improve your own casting

  1. -Advanced single hand casting techniques

  2. -Introductory and advanced single hand Spey casting techniques

  3. -Putting things together - combining casting mechanics to problem solve on the river

  4. -Understanding Spey casting and equipment

  5. -Improving distance with single and two handed casting

  6. -Spey casting for distance

  7. -Using modern Spey casting equipment to catch fish your grandfather could only dream of

  8. -Fly line design and splicing your own custom lines

Slide Show Topics:

  1. -Atlantic Salmon Fishing on the Kola Peninsula - allure of the early season chromer

  2. -Steelhead fishing with light tackle on the Deschutes River

  3. -How to read and fish steelhead water for the swing

Rates for demonstrations and slide shows:

Typically, travel, lodging and food plus what I would make with a day’s instruction. For flights longer than 4 hours, a business class or upgradable ticket. I bring all the gear I use.  (If the demonstration is in Scotland, the UK, or Norway, I’ll also bring my own coffee and Tamezula hot sauce!)